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Why are primary (baby) teeth so important?

We often have parents ask us why it is so important to take care of baby teeth when they are only going to fall out in a few years? While it’s true that baby teeth don’t stick around for very long, they have a few significant jobs to do while they’re here.

  • Baby teeth hold space for incoming adult teeth and also help to guide them in when the time comes.
  • Baby teeth help your child begin to navigate the world of solid foods.
  • Baby teeth also assist your little one in learning to talk and form words.

If your child loses a primary tooth before it’s time, it can affect their oral development. That’s why Dr. Meghanne may recommend treatment such as a crown or pulpectomy to preserve or save your child’s tooth if it is damaged by trauma or decay.

If your child’s primary tooth sustains an injury or infection, we will always explain your options and choices, so as a parent, you can make the best decisions for your child’s oral health and future. Give The Pass Pediatric Dental Group a call today for more information or if you have questions for Dr. Meghanne.

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