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How can I prevent cavities for my child?

At The Pass Pediatric Dental Group, we love to partner with parents to help educate them about their child’s oral health. Many of the decisions you make on a daily basis for your child can affect their teeth such as their nutrition, the snacks they eat, and their oral hygiene routine.

Believe it or not, good oral hygiene habits should begin with your help even before baby teeth arrive. You can remove bacteria from your baby’s gum tissue by wiping it down with a warm cloth after feedings. When their first teeth arrive, begin brushing right away with a small, soft brush designed for infants.

As they get older, teach them proper brushing and flossing techniques and use a smear amount of fluoride toothpaste from ages 1-3 yrs old and a pea size amount from 3-6 years old. If you don't feel comfortable using fluoride toothpaste before your little one is able to spit, you can use use xylitol toothpaste.

Regular checkups with Dr. Meghanne at The Pass Pediatric Dental Group are also important for maintaining your child’s oral health. They should be visiting their pediatric dentist in Beaumont for cleanings and checkups every six months just like you do.

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