Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

At The Pass Pediatric Dental Group, our primary goal is to ensure your child’s comfort. It can sometimes be difficult for younger children to sit for dental treatment, especially if it takes a long time or is more complicated. Dr. Meghanne, your pediatric dentist in Beaumont, may use different techniques or technology to help your child manage their condition in the best way possible, and she often recommends Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) in cases where a child might benefit from waiting on treatment. Here's what you should know about SDF.

What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)?

SDF is an FDA-approved liquid that combines the benefits of silver and fluoride. It is used to control active decay in your child’s tooth because silver strengthens the protective layer of your tooth called dentin due to its anti-microbial properties. Fluoride helps remineralize enamel affected by decay. It can be applied merely by brushing it onto the teeth that are suffering from dental caries, or cavities.

Although it does not eliminate current caries that your child has, SDF kills the bacteria that cause cavities and works to stop the progression of decay until your child gets older or is more comfortable having their tooth treated. 

When Is SDF Recommended?

Some of the circumstances in which SDF may be most useful are:

  •       For children suffering from excessive decay that can’t be treated in one visit
  •       Patients who have special needs or disabilities
  •       For younger children who may have more difficulties cooperating during treatment

What Are the Benefits of Using SDF?

SDF offers many benefits for patients such as:

  •      It’s non-invasive
  •      Treatment can be completed quickly
  •      It can help stop tooth decay from progressing
  •      SDF is painless
  •      It can relieve tooth sensitivity

If your child is young and is suffering from excessive tooth decay, or they have special needs that cause them to have difficulty sitting in the dental chair for long periods of time, SDF may be the solution to prevent further cavities, while giving your child the time they need to feel comfortable at the dentist.

Are There Any Risks When Using SDF?

Dr. Meghanne often recommends using SDF for baby teeth or back teeth since it will discolor decayed areas of the tooth. Healthy tooth structure doesn’t become discolored; however, it could stain dental fillings or crowns.

Your child may also experience a metallic taste after treatment that will go away quickly.

For many children, the benefits of using SDF to control decay far outweigh any issues it may cause. Dr. Meghanne is happy to discuss this treatment with you if you feel it might benefit your child.

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